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Cape Town Township

Visit a Cape Town Township
Safe, Informative & Truly Rewarding

Experience a Cape Town township in a safe and informative way. We'll show you the some of the oldest Cape Town townships in South Africa like Guguletu and Langa. It started all down here and visitors get a glimpse back into our history to understand where we come from and see the progress. On a Sunday morning we give you the opportunity to visit the Roman Catholic Church in a Cape Town township. Just to enjoy a vibrant and lively service that will stay with you for always.

Enjoy this experience in a safe way with local knowledgable people and get the story of its origination. Optional is atour on foot through the shacks. Leave Cape Town and the townships with a greater understanding of the people and their lives. It's very rewarding!


Distance: 81 km / 50 miles

Duration: Half day

Best time: All year

Included: Certified driver/guide, a/c vehicle and gasoline

Excluded: District Six Museum, Castle of Good Hope, drinks

Price: R575.00 pp (min 2)

Approximate entrance fees: District Six Museum - R50.00 adult, R25.00 children 2 - 11 yrs; Castle of Good Hope R50.00 adult, R25.00 children

Note: All tours can be customized

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Bo-Kaap in Cape Town1
The Bo-Kaap is situated between Buitengracht street and the slopes of Signal Hill with its museum at number 71 Wale street. This building dates back to 1760 and was once owned by Abu Bakr Effendi, a scholar who published one of the first books in Afrikaans. The Bo-Kaap is a colorful, fascinating and historical rich residential area. It also has a cape town township background which we'll tell you about.

The Cape Town Castle of Good Hope is built between 1666 and 1679. This pentagonal fortification was constructed out of timber from Hout Bay, stone from Robben Island and lime. The Castle is the oldest surviving and occupied European building in South Africa. It serves as the Headquarters of the South African National Defence Force’s Western Province Command and is primarily a museum now. Within its fortified walls are the Good Hope Gallery, the Military Museum, the lovely Dolphin Pool and the William Fehr Collection. At noon the opening Ceremony of the Keys takes place.

Distric Six Museum3. DISTRIC SIX MUSEUM
District Six is nestling in the embrace of the Table Mountain. It is a vacant stretch of land punctuated only by an isolated church and mosque. Under the apartheid laws, the “coloured” families who lived and worked in the area were relocated to outlying townships, and the neighbourhood was bulldozed down to the ground, The empty land was renamed Zonnebloem, but has recently reverted to original designation of District Six. The land is given back to its original inhabitants and developments are going on to resettle the first families shortly.

Garden at Groote Shuur Hospital4. GROOTTE SCHUUR HOSPITAL
Just before the Cape Town townships you'll find the Grootte Shuur Hospital. Prof Christiaan Barnard transformed the first human heart transplant in 1967 in Grootte Schuur Hospital. Prof. Barnard and his team implanted the heart in to Mr. Louis Washkansky, a Polish dentist. He lived for 18 days before succumbing to pneumonia. The operation was considered as a success.

Rhodes Memorial at Night5. RHODES MEMORIAL
Rhodes Memorial, temple-like, was constructed in 1912 from Table Mountain granite. At the foot of the monument’s stone steps, which are guarded by eight massive bronze lions, stands an impressive equestrian statue. Magnificent views of the city and the immediate suburbs below can be enjoyed. Afternoon tea can be enjoyed in a charming old stone cottage that serves as a restaurant.

Christine Revell Childeren home a great initative6. CHRISTINE REVELL CHILDREN’S HOME
Christine Revell Children’s Home was founded in September 1975 as part of the Nannie-huis complex, caring for unwed mothers since 1940. With a greater need in the Athlone distric the emphasis was to care for children younger than five years. Christine Revell Children’s Home cares for abandoned, abused, neglected and HIV affected / infected children younger than five years of age.

Guguletu (a Xhosa word meaning “our pride”) was established in 1958. The township was built when Langa (another township) became too crowded by blacks coming from the rural areas to the city looking for jobs. Guguletu is rich in history of life in townships from the early days.

church service in the township8. CHURCH SERVICE (SUNDAYS)
The opportunity is there to start the Township tour attending a church service. The church service takes place in Guguletu on a Sunday morning. The atmosphere is warm and welcome. The sermon is enlightened with the traditional marimbas (musical instruments) and cheerful, joyful singing just as the people of the township can do. An opportunity not to miss out.

hostel in Cape Town Township9. TOWNSHIP HOSTELS
The hostels were built to provide accommodation for the black male migrant workers. It was mostly single-sex hostels that were provided. It was illegal for the workers’ wives and children to stay with them. When the wives and children joined the husbands, the hostels were badly overcrowded. They had no privacy, cooking facilities were inadequate and toilets and showers were communal.

The Cape Town Township Information Centre in Guguletu is established on the Guguletu Campus of the College of Cape Town during September 1999 and is a satelite station of the Tourism Bureau of Cape Town. The history of the townships of Cape Town and the fight against Apartheid is beautifully portrayed with photos and easy reading wording. Arts and Crafts from crafters in the township are on display. Internet facilities for the locals will be available shortly.

Memorial Amy Biehl in Cape Town township11. AMY BIEHL MEMORIAL
Amy Biehl was a young American exchange student, with a fullbright scholarship who studied at the University of Cape Town during 1993. She was killed the same year in Cape Town Township of Guguletu when young supporters of the Pan African Congress, a radical leftist party, stoned and stabbed her to death. Her killers applied for, and were granted, amnesty through the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Memorial Guguletu 7 in Cape Town Township12. GUGULETU SEVEN MEMORIAL
On 3 March 1986 seven young activists were driven in a mini bus for job interviews. Unknown to them, the driver was a member of the Security Police, and when they came to a Cape Town township roadblock; the police shot and killed all seven. It was reported then that terrorists had first fired on the police.

township shebeen13. SHEBEEN
Cape Town township Shebeens has come along way. From the very first arrival of the black migrant workers into the city, alcohol was prohibited in their residential areas. Shebeens therefore, were established out of need and are today an integral part of these societies. It has become a cross between social clubs, a bar and a general meeting place.

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